Welcome To Adrienne McRae

Gold Coast Midwife and Lactation Consultant

If you are pregnant or have just welcomed your precious new baby into your world then I am here to support you.

Nurture Co is independently, midwife owned and operated, I offer antenatal childbirth classes, lactation consultations and postnatal support to all Gold Coast families.

I am a friendly, passionate and highly experienced midwife available to assist you through the transition from pregnancy to parenthood, and am clinically supported by Gold Coast Obstetricians and Paediatricians.

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1 February 2015
Are you getting the right advice? Nurture Co

Are you Getting the Right Advice?

From the time you announce you are pregnant, you are a target for advice. This may be helpful or confusing or a myth filtered down through generations.
1 January 2015
How To Prepare Yourself for Labour and Birth, Nuture Co, Gold Coast

How To Prepare Yourself for Labour and Birth

The best way for you to prepare yourself for labour and delivery is to be better informed.
1 December 2014

Antenatal classes with Adrienne, what is the content!

At Nurture Co, we are very much aware that for some women, the thought of giving birth is is a bit daunting.


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