About Adrienne McRae, Gold Coast Midwife

Adrienne McRae is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, antenatal educator and International board certified lactation consultant (RN, RM, ADN, IBCLC, Cert IV TAE).

I provide antenatal education, lactation consultations and baby weighs. I am passionate about educating and encouraging impending and new parents to follow their natural instincts.

I believes that the birth of your baby should be a day to be approached with excitement, joy and knowledge. The informed decisions you make are dedicated to help you achieve this.

I am able to provide in home support to get parenting and breastfeeding off to the best start you can achieve.

I am the mother to a beautiful daughter. As a mother she has taken me out of my comfort zone into a world I never knew was there to explore. I am unashamedly proud of the woman she has become.