Antenatal classes with Adrienne, what is the content!

I am very much aware that for some women, the thought of giving birth is is a bit daunting. I offer several options to help you prepare and adjust to the myriad of changes your body is undergoing. You can have a class in your home or now I can offer a zoom class where we both stay home and safe.

My classes are research based covering pregnancy, labour and birth, adding to your existing knowledge and giving you and your partner the confidence to make informed choices and decisions surrounding labour and early parenting. The class is held over one day, the content covered is from a midwife who is currently working in the field. I have worked in both private and public hospitals including Pindara, Gold Coast Private and Gold Coast University hospitals.

The information about labour and birth covers the stages of labour and the tools you can use from the start of labour going through to giving birth. I feel it is important to know what is happening to your body and therefore it takes the fear from labour and birth. This is especially important for the support person, to learn way to be the support person you want them to be. When you both understand the normal natural process of labour and birth both of you can relax and focus on being in the moment and I can help you build a toolbox to enable this to happen.

As we all know sometimes labour and birth does not always follow the easiest pathway and while you have your baby in a hospital it is helpful to know when to come to hospital, what to bring in and what is available to you if you require it from inductions of labour, pain relief, assisted birth including Caesarean delivery.

I am a Lactation consultant and as a mother, I know how challenging breastfeeding can be. Following this class you will have the knowledge about what you can do as a mother to master the art of breastfeeding and the importance of getting it right in those early days and weeks. During the class we will talk about breastfeeding and help you unravel the mystery of sleep and settle in those first few weeks at home.

You should not feel that you have to do this on your own. I am available to visit you in your home, fine tuning what you have learned from the class and the many people whom you have come in contact with since your baby came into your arms. The most common words I hear are “that no one told me this!” or “where were you when I was in hospital?”.

If your Obstetrician is Dr Andrew Cary I may see you in his rooms otherwise I have worked in New Zealand and many Gold Coast hospitals and some in Brisbane.